Session Info

I want to capture people as they are today and although happy, smiling faces are beautiful, please don’t worry if your child is a little grumpy - the smiles, giggles, tears and tantrums, that is who you are and I am here to preserve those memories and give you photos that will blow you away. I want to see those tears in your eyes when you see your photos and fall in love with them. That is the best part of my job, exceeding your expectations and seeing how happy you are with your photos.

I want your session to be all about you. I like to capture real and natural emotion, after all that is what our families are about, the love we feel for those who are closest to us, whether that be our children, our parents and grandparents or our partners.


Most of my shoots are done using natural light and outdoors in a beautiful park, long grassy field or other outdoor location, or if you have sufficient sunlight, in the comfort of your own home around your own special belongings. My aim is to photograph your family as they are today, and in a comfortable, relaxed environment. Feel free to bring along a picnic to our shoots, bake some cupcakes and bring those, bring your family goldfish in its bowl, make some kites and we can fly those! There is nothing better than families bringing along sweet, simple things from home to add some personal touch to our photos. Go all out and we can bring your babies bassinet and sit it under a nice tree for them to play in! Helium filled balloons are also beautiful for photos! Have a worn out old wooden high chair sitting in the shed? Great! Bring that too! These sorts of things may not sound very good for photos, but they are! Sit down, close your eyes, and think about how you want your photos to look, what do YOU want hanging on your wall in years to come? I also have a select few 'props' for shoots to make kids feel more at home.

We will do some posed shots, but I would like you and your family to just act like you do at home-this will help any children in the shoot feel more comfortable as well. And then I will get lots of photos of you just playing around, cuddling, tickling and just chatting. These photos always turn out beautiful, so don’t be shy!

Sessions generally last for 1 hour, if you have younger children I am happy to accommodate them and stop for a quick snack or nappy change.....we are aiming for stress free, so I will always work around the individual needs of each child.


The best time to book your newborn session is while you’re still pregnant. An approximate date will be booked in and we will work around the arrival of your new baby. Sessions take around 2-3 hours and are best done within the first two weeks, ideally day 7 or 8 while your new baby still has that unique new look and are sleepy and curl up easily. These sessions can be done in the comfort of your own home - or in my home. Again, especially with an indoor session, we need to use the brightest space available, with as much sunlight inside as possible, to get clear, high quality images.

It is best for the new baby to be sleeping for the photos, and if ok with the parent, he/she will be nude for a lot of the shots. I ask for you to feed bub once you get to my house (or just before) so that they will nod off to sleep easier.

During the shoot, you may need to feed your baby a little top up feed if they are grizzly, take your time, as I aim to give you the best possible shots I can.


I encourage you to bring along a couple of different outfits and any cute, funky, personal items, that way we can make the session truly yours!!!! Try to stay away from busy patterns and big logos like Spiderman, Dora etc as these all take the focus off your face. Please don’t all wear matching white or black shirts, if you don’t match your clothing on a day to day basis, then there is no reason to for your portraits. Bright, bold colours look awesome like reds, greens, blues, pinks etc and denim always looks great, but it is up to you, these are just all suggestions.

I love accessories! Bring along beanies, hats and scarves that you may find in your cupboard, these always look great!

For children’s shoots please bring a change of clothes in case they do get a bit dirty.

Remember clothes are a really important part of you portrait sitting and can set the tone of your images. If you have any concerns over clothing choice feel free to ask me, I am happy to help as I want your portraits to look amazing!


Approximately 1 week after your photo shoot (can be longer during busy periods), I will email you a link to your online Photo Gallery for you to view and choose photos for your cd and for prints. You can share this gallery link with anyone you like if you need help choosing photos, or if others would like copies too. You then have 3 days to select the photos, and email your order through to me. I will then make your cd and order prints and have them to you in approximately 1 more week.